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Osteopathic Treatment: Welcome
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Whether you come to us for neck and back treatment, a sports injury or simply to support a healthy lifestyle...

... you'll find that the Heathfield Osteopaths team is pulling out all the stops to provide a clinical environment that is hygienic and safe, all whilst helping you to live a healthy, active lifestyle that extends far beyond your appointments with us.

Osteopathic Treatment: About Me
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Your wellbeing comes first

The coronavirus pandemic has made all of us a little more conscious of the threat posed by infection and contagion, as well as the way in which we interact safely with others. As such, our patients are encouraged to wear masks upon entering, and hand sanitiser will be available at reception for you to use. 

However, maintaining good health and wellbeing often requires a holistic approach that includes a healthy diet including vitamins and minerals, as well as exercise and keeping oneself active.

We complement our in-clinic treatments with advice in all areas of your wellbeing - such as taking Vitamin D to support healthy bones, teeth and muscles. We may also recommend exercises, stretches or movements for you to try out at home.

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Your ongoing health, happiness and wellbeing will always be our priority

Osteopathic Treatment: Services

Keep mobile, healthy and free from injury or discomfort. For neck and back pain treatment combined with a friendly service tailored to your needs, contact Heathfield Osteopaths
: 01435 868623

Mobile: 07715 412367

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